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In this section, investors can find all the information and contact details you need to manage your investment with us. If you don’t find what you need, this section also tells you how to contact us.

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Year End31 December
Annual Financial ReportFinal published in March, Half-yearly published in August

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most by investors.

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How do I invest in AllianzGI-managed Investment Trusts?

You can buy shares in the Trusts through:

  • A third party provider - see ‘How to Invest’ on this website, where you will find links to a range of these platforms, many of which allow you to hold the shares within an ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP and/or savings scheme.
  • A stockbroker.
  • A financial adviser.

Where can I buy or sell shares?

Shares can be purchased or sold via an online platform, a stockbroker or a financial adviser (see How do invest in AllianzGI-managed Investment Trusts?) Additionally, if you are already a certificated shareholder of one of our Trusts, you can buy additional shares or sell existing shares through Link Asset Sercices.

Can I invest through you directly?

We do not operate our own Savings Scheme; shares can be purchased through an intermediary – please refer to the buy / sell FAQ in this section. Should you require financial advice you can find details of an IFA in your area at

How do I get advice?

We recommend that you seek financial advice prior to investing. If you do not currently have a financial adviser, details of authorised financial advisers in your area can be found at

When is the Annual General Meeting held each year?

The AGM is usually held in May. Details of date, time and venue are published in the annual report which is published and distributed well in advance. The latest annual report is always available via our online Literature Library.

Where is the AGM?

See above

Can I come to the AGM?

Shareholders are welcome to attend. If you hold share though a Savings Scheme or nominee (e.g. via a platform), please bring along a recent statement as evidence of your ownership.

What is the current yield?

Allianz Technology Trust does not currently pay a dividend.

Is there an annual management charge?

There is no annual management charge for shareholders electing to hold a share certificate

What is the Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF)?

The OCF represents the overall cost of running the company and is published in the annual report and available on this website (updated annually).

Where can I obtain a list of the Trust’s holdings?

A full list of the investments held in the portfolio (one month in arrears) is available from Investor Services.

Where are the share prices shown?

Share prices are available on this website. They are also available in the Financial Times ( and from the London Stock Exchange (

Can you give me an historical share price?

These are available on this website.

Can I be added to your mailing list as I invest in shares through a nominee?

Yes, you can. To receive monthly fact sheets  and occasional news, sign up on the Trust’s home page.  To receive annual and half-yearly reports, please email us here or call Link Asset Services on 0371 664 0300 (locally charged call) who will arrange for you to be added to the distribution list. 

I want to transfer my shares to my spouse, children……

If you hold your shares via a nominee or a Savings Scheme, you should contact the nominee or Scheme Administrator directly and they can arrange this for you. If you hold your shares as a share certificate you should contact Link Asset services on 0371 664 0300 (locally charged call) to obtain a Stock Transfer Form.

What do I need to do when someone has died?

If the shares are held via a nominee or a Savings Scheme, you should contact the respective nominee or Scheme Administrator. If the shares are held as a share certificate you should contact Link Asset Services on 0371 664 0300 (locally charged call). Both will guide you through their requirements for registering the death certificate and obtaining probate where necessary.

I’ve lost / can’t find my share certificate

You should contact Link Asset Services on 0371 664 0300 (locally charged call) who will advise you of the procedure and cost of obtaining a replacement.

I’ve moved house, can I give you my new address?

Change of addresses need to be notified to either your nominee, scheme administrator or, if you hold a share certificate, Link Asset Services.

Registrar details

Link Asset Services is the Trust’s registrar. They can help you with many things, such as questions about your holding, lost certificates, registered details and other administrative queries.

  • Address
  • Link Asset Services
  • The Registry
  • 34 Beckenham Road
  • Beckenham
  • Kent
  • BR3 4TU

Contact Investor Services

If you have any other queries regarding our investment trusts, you can contact our Investor Services team.

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