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This is a summary recording of the Company's Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on 26 April 2023, including an update from Lead Portfolio Manager, Mike Seidenberg.

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In this latest podcast, portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg and host Cherry Reynard focus in on a single issue: geopolitics and how it’s affecting the technology sector. The geopolitical landscape has seen many issues over the past year, with war in Europe and a significant deterioration in US/China relations destabilising global trade. With technology being a largely globalised industry, how might these geopolitical tensions affect it? The pair delve into cyber security, semiconductors and super-computers amongst other factors.

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The award-winning Allianz Technology Trust offers investors access to the fast moving world of technology, the single greatest contributor to global growth. The Trust is managed by Walter Price and the AllianzGI Global Technology Team based in San Francisco. The team benefits from its close proximity to Silicon Valley where many of the world’s key technology companies are headquartered. awards logos

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The Trust has received a number of high profile and prestigious awards in recent years. Some awards represent the views of industry experts while others are voted for by individual investors who buy stocks and shares. All are instrumental in raising awareness of the Trust and the investment potential of the technology sector as a whole.

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