Silicon Valley Byte Size

A look at developments from the technology sector and what they mean for investors. The Allianz Technology Trust investment team will offer their insight, as they discuss cutting edge companies and how they are changing our lives..

The world is entering a new phase. Most people agree there will be some kind of ‘new normal’ post-pandemic where remote working will mix with on-site working where possible. In this latest podcast episode, the team discuss how this will benefit businesses that can make this new hybrid workplace both effective and efficient. Furthermore, new generations have changing expectations of work. Combined with demographic changes globally, there will be increasing problems for companies trying to fill positions. Technology will have a crucial role to play in covering rote and mundane tasks, leaving people free to drive businesses forward.


With continuing signs of economic recovery, Walter Price and Mike Seidenberg talk to Cherry Reynard about the cyclical and ‘value’ parts of the technology sector likely to benefit. Tailwinds still remain though for high growth companies that did so well in 2020 and the team describe how they will play their part in a new dynamic as people emerge from lockdowns across the globe.


As economic recovery feels the opposing forces of new Covid variants and vaccination programmes, Walter Price talks to Cherry Reynard about how he sees the technology sector is placed for the future, both in the shorter- and longer-term. The latest earnings season, US-China relations, key themes in the portfolio and trends likely to dominate the next decade all come under the spotlight.


Recorded in a fairly momentous week news wise, with a new US President Elect and news of a potential COVID 19 vaccine, Walter Price and Mike Seidenberg chat to Cherry Reynard about how tech could be affected and cast an eye forward to 2021 and beyond.


Listen as Walter Price and Mike Seidenberg discuss the current state of the technology sector. Covid is certainly accelerating the adoption of certain technologies through new ways of working and consumer interaction. The two managers share their excitement at trying to find the companies that will benefit from that trend.


The latest edition of the Byte Size podcast, recorded at the beginning of March 2020, features portfolio manager Walter Price. Walter looks at market uncertainty and the potential impact on the technology sector specifically in terms of COVID-19, US election and 5G. Walter discusses the potential outcomes these can have on the markets, his investment strategy and what investors should be looking out for.


The latest edition of the Byte Size podcast features portfolio manager Walter Price, talking with guest Lucy Macdonald, the portfolio manager for The Brunner Investment Trust. Walter and Lucy talk tech and global equities, each giving their own perspectives on the penetration and influence of technology on companies from a wide range of industries across the globe. Listen now to hear more.


The latest edition of the Byte Size podcast, recorded at the end of  June 2019, features portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg. Mike looks at business confidence in the technology sector against an uncertain economic and geopolitical backdrop. He believes that the movement to digital and to the cloud, two key themes in the portfolio, remain highly relevant regardless of the current market environment. Looking at Silicon Valley where the team are based, Mike ponders the question, does anywhere else come close for technology? Listen now to hear more.


In the latest Byte Size podcast, recorded in March 2019, Walter Price reviews the fourth-quarter results season and looks ahead at the prospects for 2019. He considers the impact of slowing economic global growth, its potential impact on earnings and how it has influenced the positioning of the Allianz Technology Trust portfolio. Walter also discusses prospects for the FAANG* stocks and the impact global trade tensions are having. Is it realistic to assume that manufacturing jobs will return to the US? Listen in to discover more.

*FAANG = Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s Google


In this third edition, recorded in February 2019, we chat to Mike Seidenberg and Richard Holway MBE. Mike and Richard look at what caused the sell-off in the latter part of 2018, and whether China is a cause for concern, and if the team see any weakness in the IT sector. They also consider the IT spending environment for 2019 and how far advanced companies are with digital transformation, payment systems and security. Finally, Mike and Richard consider how M&A activity is shaping up in 2019, and if there are any notable targets in the UK specifically.


In this second edition, recorded in July, we chat to Mike Seidenberg, a Portfolio Manager/Analyst who joined AllianzGI in 2009.  Mike is based in San Francisco and is part of the award-winning Allianz Technology Trust team with Walter Price.

Mike explains the benefits of being based ‘on the ground’ in the San Francisco Bay Area, in close proximity to Silicon Valley. Ten of the company’s leading holdings are located within fifty miles of the Allianz offices and Mike explains how this delivers a considerable advantage. He also considers what it is that creates a fertile environment for technology companies.


Listen to Walter Price, Portfolio Manager of Allianz Technology Trust, share his insights on ‘all things tech’ in this, the first of a new quarterly podcast dedicated to this fast-moving sector.

The team strive to understand, anticipate and react to technology trends in a dynamic and proactive way. Their location in San Francisco, at the heart of the technology industry, is a real advantage. Listen in, as Walter discusses not only the outlook for the sector but also the recent upsets that have disrupted markets.


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